Donated Wedding Dresses

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Donated Wedding Dresses – Have you ever had a memories of your wedding dress? Whether it’s yours, or your own? Wedding dresses have many meanings and beautiful memories. So you must take care of your wedding dress with very wise and carefully. The wedding dress may only be placed in the closet, or you can hang it in your fitting room and wrapped it in a plastic clothes. But in this article, we will discuss about donated wedding dresses by a man abroad. This information we get through internet sources and we though with our knowledge.

Wedding Dresses Donated To Charity

Some time ago, a mysterious man donated wedding dresses for the charity. The dress is owned by his wife who is aged 56 years. The story doesn’t stop there. However, in balk wedding dress is stored a small letter from the owner who will certainly make anyone who read it to be sad and touched. St Gemma’s Hospice charity has admitted that there is a mysterious man who is willing to donate his antique wedding dress belonging to his wife on Monday. The man also didn’t give a name or address. He just left a bag containing her wife’s wedding dress on a bench. When they opened the bag and found a wedding dress, they read a letter that tucked into the wedding dress for a woman who would adopt or buy the dress.

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Donated Wedding Dress With Note Attached

The message are written on the small piece of the paper embedded with a pin makes the person reading it touched. The message reads, “I hope the lady who owns this dress is looking forward to having a wonderful life with the person she loves as I have lived with my wife for 56 years. Have a very happy years. I am a lucky man because I can have a beautiful and nice woman like my wife”. No name in it. Only the words “PTO” as an his initial name after that sentence. Currently, the officer of the charity is trying to finding the owner of the wedding gown. The officers immediately took a photos of the dress and share it on the social media to find the owner, as reported by Metro. “We want to find out who the man is, our goals is we want to see a picture of his wife who still uses the wedding dress.” Clear the chairman of the charity. Finally, this dress is currently sold on eBay by St. Gemma’s Hospice to raise funds. Despite having small flaws here and there, this wedding dress is in great shape.

Did after reading this article, would you like to donated wedding dresses?