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Keira Knightley Wedding Dress – Keira Knightley is married to his sweetheart named James Righton, in the town of Mazan, south of France. You need to know, the interesting part of the short wedding ceremony is a wedding dress she wore, because the model is very simple but still beautiful and elegant. Although heard the news that touted if the dress was also he used in a party event five years ago. This is different from most of the bride and groom who often crave a luxurious wedding dress with a section of exposed skirts and a long tail, but Keira just the opposite. The model dress made of tulle material is very simple, only knee length and combined with flat shoes. The dress she wore, she mixed with Chanel’s chic tweed jacket. Meanwhile, for headdress, Keira Knightley wore small, decorated flowers wrapped around her head. That’s Keira Knightley wedding dress that can still looks beautiful although use a simple model. The simple wedding dress was mentioned very similar to Rodarte dress Keira had worn while attending the party before the Bafta Awards in 2008. The difference, the dress is now modified slightly with plus jackets and shoes that Keira wear. Really, Keira Knightley wedding dress is a very simple dress.

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There were only 11 guests attending the wedding ceremony, and no more than 50 guests at the reception in the evening. James, Keira’s husband, is the vocalist and keyboardist of the French Klaxons band. Their relationship has been running for two years since it was introduced by Alexa Chung’s presenter in 2011 and Keira was proposed in May last year. Not only in the matter of Keira wedding dress looks different. When you say a marriage appointment, too. If most married couples say “I do,” they answer casually with “Oui” (“yes” in French) and “Yes” when asked to keep each other until the end of life. Although the procession of Keira’s wedding ceremony and attributes is very simple, from his expression it appears that the 28-year-old actress is very happy and always smile. Relaxing impression was also apparent when the guests were present. Some wear a shirt, no suit and formal dress. But, most intently, the marriage was mentioned even intimate impression, and many happy tears.

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Although Keira was wearing the old dress she had worn a few years ago, you don’t think that Keira Knightley wedding dress is so expensive. Knightley wore a strapless dress with a nude-colored tutu. The simple dress is priced at 50,000 pounds, or approximately Rp993 million, almost reached Rp1 billion. Wow the Keira Knightley wedding dress very impressive.