Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress – Are you looking for a wedding dress model for your wedding? Are you confused that, “what dress is right for me, so I can look beautiful and elegant?”. Of course, all women want her to look perfect at her wedding. Women always want to look beautiful, especially during the day of his marriage and witnessed by the prospective husband and his friends. Many designers who make a wedding dress with various motifs, models, and various materials. Usually designers will use simple motifs with prominent embroidery applications, a long dangling models and with brukat, and use the basic ingredients of a dress with a silk cloth or premium cotton cloth. Most of brides elegant and dangling bridal gowns, designers must use the basic materials of dress with falling and smooth material. They should not use the basic ingredients of the dress with stiff and hot materials. It will make the bride look ugly.

But, nowadays there are some designers who make a wedding dress from toilet paper. Yeah right, Toilet Paper Wedding Dress. Not to doubt, the dress is made of toilet paper, sewn and combined with a bit of cotton cloth or silk cloth. It looks ridiculous, but it is a reality that exists. You also should not underestimate of the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress is because the result is more than what we imagine. You must imagine a dress with toilet paper scattered so that in your mind, the dress is a dress that failed.

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You need to know that Toilet Paper Wedding Dress is to be a trend, especially in western countries. For every year, the professional designers and amateur designers have made Toilet Paper Wedding Dress to be displayed in the crowd as a bridal fashion show contest. As prices, the event organizers reward talented designers with dollar bills (first winner gets $ 10,000, second winner gets $ 5,000 and winner gets $ 2,500). Not a small number, is it?

In the year 2016, there is an official event about Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest is guided by Chic Wedding and Charmin Cheap. Takes place at the Rooftop Haven at the Sanctuary Hotel in Manhattan. The first winner fell on a designer named Van Tran from Brooklyn, the second winner was a designer named Judith of Woodland Hills, Utah, and the third winner was a designer named Brentwood from Teen. The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress they make is very unique and has a very high selling value when they sell it in the wedding dress market place. They use the toilet paper, tape, glue, needle and thread to make a dress. What they use is the equipment used by ordinary people in making dresses. One of the main keys to make the dress is to make sure the stitches on the dress is strong enough. The main quality lies not in the toilet paper, but on the strength of the seams and it models. The designers use a variety of thin and layered toilet tissues with their own creativity.

You should not underestimate toilet paper because it can be a great work of “Toilet Paper Wedding Dress“. For those of you who want to try the wedding dress that is popular today, you can use Toilet Paper Wedding Dress design.

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